About Astro Tide Photography...

Astro Tide Photography was founded in 2018 by Krissy Schroeder. A simple photographer that wanted to express her art through the pictures she took.

She began coming up with concepts which led to many "themed" shoots. From witches to the apocalypse; she took dark scenarios and turned them into a thing of beauty.

Erin Beane //

"Excellent, Comfortable, CREATIVE. My pictures turned out incredibly."

Lesley Contreras //

"Amazinggg pictures! Made me feel super comfortable behind the camera, and helped tell me what to do, great props and overall a fun time!! Didn’t wait forever for pics to come back either! 10/10!!!"

Lakota Sells //

"I recommend you constantly! The whole experience is just a fun time and you do a great job making me feel comfortable!!"